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cultural studies; his steady commitment to doing justice to people's own sense of their lives and aspirations is an antidote to the kind of glib theorizing about "mass culture" that still holds sway in certain intellectual circles.
Assemblyman Tony Cardenas, D-Panorama City, supports the Hansen Dam site and holds sway over state funding that could affect the fair, an aide told fair organizers at a meeting Friday.
While gin and vermouth still holds sway, some of the new specials include sake martinis and salmon tartare martinis.
The LMDC holds sway over the site, but Amanda Burden--chair of the Department of City Planning--is the LMDC's sounding board.
His opinion was that if one desired to be guaranteed a university degree, one would simply have to go into the field of education, and constantly agree with one's professors; for in the faculties of education, political consensus ultimately holds sway over academic achievement.
Meanwhile, back in the States, the resistance spot welder still holds sway.