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McLaren's remarkable book tells us why we feel so upset about this divorce of sex from procreation, yet one cannot help but note that even in Europe and the United States, the powerful counter-discourse of the Roman Catholic church still holds sway at least as an ideal; and that thus most people do still accept as a "truth" that sex and procreation are inexorably linked
The Prime Minister thinks he has influence over a US government that holds sway over Israel.
Assemblyman Tony Cardenas, D-Panorama City, supports the Hansen Dam site and holds sway over state funding that could affect the fair, an aide told fair organizers at a meeting Friday.
cultural studies; his steady commitment to doing justice to people's own sense of their lives and aspirations is an antidote to the kind of glib theorizing about "mass culture" that still holds sway in certain intellectual circles.
This is a garden where leaf color is as important as floral display, where plant diversity takes precedence over formal design considerations, and where a spirit of trial and error holds sway.
The fantasies may have varied from culture to culture, but the basic narrative, whether it involved visits from extraterrestrials or Thor Heyerdahl's colorful wars of conquest between long-eared and short-eared peoples, was probably the same romance about lost civilizations that still holds sway over some part of my own barnacled imagination.