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PURSE. In Turkey the sum of five hundred dollars is called a purse. Merch. Dict. h.t.

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But when gay and lesbian couples separate, it boils down to who holds the purse strings.
Though the county holds the purse strings for the $1.
Our executive now holds the purse strings, the reins of power and they have many decisions to make.
OPRR's method is money -- it holds the purse strings from the government and can freeze NIH-funded research immediately).
As a result of the push for equal funding in 1985 and with the passage of Bill 104, we are now in a position where the province entirely holds the purse strings and is calling the shots.
Even so, many molders still have to justify CIM on a ROI basis for their boards, supervisors, or whomever holds the purse strings.
A seven-man executive committee, headed by Harlan, holds the purse strings - and all decision-making power - in the form of a reserve fund.
It may just be vacation blues, but considering that the amount of employers providing paid vacation has decreased by eight percent in the last three years(a), it is particularly ironic that the group who holds the purse strings are the ones from which people feel they need to escape.