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Holier placed every nickel of his latest SRB into a retirement fund.
It is difficult not to be holier than thou when you see how many dysfunctional female celebrities have found happy relationships almost impossible.
When I see do- gooder's like the BBC pretending to be holier than thou so they can get a story it pisses me off.
If we wish to see a holier Church, we must ourselves set out to fast more frequently, to pray more fervently, to tithe more generously, to live more faithfully.
Not only do they go their own way, sacrificing to idols, seeking oracles from the dead, disobeying the laws, but they hold themselves to be even holier than the One who longs for them (v.
From the opening jokes about leprosy to the grand finale featuring the refrain "I'm holier than thou" the show - needless to say American in origin - is a series of tasteless gags.
We should be recognised by our actions - not holier than though, but holier than once we were.
If this is the New Politics, so vaunted by our holier than thou Liberal Democrat brethren, give me honesty, integrity and transparency any day.
That usually comes from holier-than-thou, city-dwelling vegetarians, or even holier vegans, who don't seem to know that you'd be pushed to grow crops year after year without animal manure or artificial fertiliser from the highly-polluting petrochemical industry.
His attacks on dairy farms come not from concern about animals but from a vegetarian standpoint which he neglects to mention in his holier than thou letters.
The money is being accepted by people who represent themselves as holier than thou.
STEPH She's sweet, innocent and acts holier than thou.