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The plans to burn Islam's holiest book drew angry protests across the Muslim world, a call from the US Secretary of Defence and impassioned pleas to call it off from religious and political leaders and even Jones' own children.
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM: Israeli forces stormed Jerusalem's holiest shrine Sunday, firing stun grenades to disperse hundreds of stone-throwing Palestinian protesters in a fresh eruption of violence in the Holy Land.
Wales' largest Muslim community is in uproar after their holiest day was disturbed by an alleged assault during prayers.
Jews will observe the Day of Atonement, the holiest of their year, by attending synagogue, refraining from work and fasting for 25 hours.
CDATA[ Minister says including two of Judaism's holiest sites in the list of national heritage sites was a mistake, but killing al-Mabhouh was good.
Ashuraa, which falls next Sunday, is an occasion marking the death of Imam al-Hussein, the prophet Muhammad's grandson and the third holiest figure for Shiite Muslims, in the battle of Taf in Karbala in the Hegira year 61 (680 in the Gregorian calendar).
The sharing of food is the holiest of human arts, far older than history, and the finding and gathering and cooking and presenting of food, and giving thanks for it, and sighing with pleasure over it, and singing the praises of the cook--these acts of prayer are offered by the billions every day in every corner remote or riotous on the planet--an amazing thing to contemplate.
The country's biggest bell rang for the first time yesterday,pealing from its new perch at one of the country's holiest sites on an important Russian Orthodox holiday.
In history, the holiest of them usually ended up in a monastery.
made or paid-for armor through Christendom's holiest places in a chaotic effort to round up Palestinian "militants.
Barak's interview coincides with a bid by Likud leader Ariel Sharon to defiantly visit the Arabs' holiest shrine in East Jerusalem - see below)