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It is possible to mention three examples: first, the structure flexibility of a supply network can be based on holism and systemic hierarchy.
The information presented in Figure 1a addresses the question just posed to assess management as practiced historically--thus helping demonstrate the general applicability of holism.
In quantum theory, holism is manifest in the property known as "entanglement.
Based on the I-Ching principles of holism, harmony, and circularity, chi and gaining strategic advantages (shih) for chi can facilitate public relations and boost its effectiveness.
Though healthcare professionals aspire to holism, the preparation and eating of food can be viewed as not much more than 'a means to an end': a nutritional necessity.
Consistent with Finlay's (2001) study, holism was noted by participants as a feature of occupational therapy that defined and set the profession apart from other disciplines.
These three issues, the postmodern shift, consciousness, and holism, are themselves integrally related.
He is the author of The Tao of Holism published in February 2008 by O Books
Holism and meaning are salient to stress in individualized reading.
Nurses who embrace the philosophy of holism put clear emphasis upon relationship, intention and presence.
Or will a new holism need developed be which the views can unify?
The systems theory framework and narrative approach were explicitly emphasised, along with notions of holism and allusions to person-centred theory.