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In order to choose the most appropriate form of holistic care, it is best to start by consulting your primary doctor.
Finally, a holistic approach to addressing indoor air quality must also consider humidity.
For the first time a professional diploma in holistic massage is being offered in Birmingham at the city's first dedicated school of massage.
By incorporating virtualization into a holistic storage management strategy, however, organizations can finally take full advantage of their storage investment while reducing the cost of operating their storage infrastructure.
Val Tomlinson, regional director of the Association of Colleges, said: 'Society is putting an increasing focus on holistic and complementary medicine and colleges throughout the region are to be congratulated on their positive response to the demands of this new growth area.
Although many leaders have expressed concern that occupational information alone and traditional matching of people and jobs are not enough, I do not think holistic approaches have been integrated into many counselor education programs.
Catheter-related bacteremia due to Streptomyces in a patient receiving holistic infusions.
A GP can be holistic in his approach just as easily as a herbalist or acupuncturist.
groups studied by Nisbett displayed the capacity to use both holistic and analytic reasoning strategies to some extent.
Her prescriptions for health often lead pet owners to Pets, Naturally, the holistic pet store in Sherman Oaks.
Instead, predictors of the use of alternative health care include: higher education status; poorer health status; a holistic orientation to health; an experience which changed the person's worldview; certain health problems including anxiety, chronic pain, back problems, and urinary tract problems; and an orientation to environmentalism, feminism, spirituality and personal growth.
Over the last decade, Grant MacEwan Community College in Alberta has seen interest in holistic approaches increase dramatically.