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But while customers are being viewed holistically, and the several choices that technology helps to offer can at times be overwhelming for them.
The chapter offers policy recommendations, including: 1) the importance of the early years before school; 2) conceptualizing readiness as the readiness not only of children but also of family, school, and community; 3) generating adequate assessment systems for children, schools, and communities; and 4) considering children and families holistically.
We need to think holistically, listen to indigenous voices and not forget the biological connection between people and plants.
Walking around the University of Gloucestershire's new campus with Peter Clegg, it is immediately apparent that architects Feilden Clegg Bradley passionately believe in, and profoundly understand, the significant contribution that education brings to our lives--not only in terms of architecture and regeneration, as a group of architects who love to build, but far more holistically.
The service looks at treatment for mental health holistically, helping service users not just with support and counselling but also getting back to work and training.
Another trend is to look at systems more holistically.
In appropriately designing a long-term care garden, we need to consider the theme of "wellness" and approach the design holistically.
By adopting a comprehensive strategy that holistically addresses security at each tier of the network-the client, the server and the gateway--organizations can ensure the security of the stored data as well as guarantee that content remains untouched and in its genuine form.
We often think in terms of winners and losers in most conflict situations, but if conflict is intelligently and holistically managed, we can create winners and winners," says Bryant Howroyd.
Chi Wear, a line of men's clothing especially designed for comfort, has been getting a lot of press recently because of their great, comfortable, holistically and environmentally sound products.