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Out of sight, out of mind,' is well enough as a proverb applicable to cases of friendship, though absence is not always necessary to hollowness of heart, even between friends, and truth and honesty, like precious stones, are perhaps most easily imitated at a distance, when the counterfeits often pass for real.
Yet he does not doubt the sincerity of her professions, and he conceals the hollowness of his own from her, partly because he is ashamed of it, and partly out of pity for her.
But the Panama lay on the moss beside him; and the spectator could see that his brow was prematurely bald; and this, combined with a certain hollowness about the eyes, had an air of headwork and even headache.
In a disclosure that confirms the hollowness of tax base, the number of income tax return filers from all main sectors of the economy has contracted in the past five years and the only exception is the salaried class.
There are many interpretations of the election of Donald Trump: the resurgence of a frightening old-new form of white racist nationalism that feels perilously like native-born fascism; a rebellion of working-class Americans against PC-obsessed elites; a Russian plot to install a Kremlin stooge in the White House; a revelation of the hollowness and corruption of both major political parties; a patriarchal backlash against female equality; a win for the Twitter trolls; a symptom of the collapse of the mainstream American press; a freakish eruption from the works of HP Lovecraft.
In short, anyone who felt grief and anger at Mashal's gruesome death is likely to feel only hollowness at the 'justice' that has been delivered by the courts.
Yasin Malik said that the joint resistance leadership decided to resist malicious motives and announced to go to Delhi on September 9 and voluntarily court arrest before the agency so that the falseness and hollowness of Indian propaganda against resistance movement is exposed.
This shameful act marks a critical turning point for Iran, and exposes the hollowness of the authorities' claims to have a genuine juvenile justice system.
She scrapped grants for trainee nurses and increased England's university tuition fees in her first full week in No10, UNCARING Theresa May imposing unfairnesses agreed when she sat at David Cameron's right hand and which now expose the hollowness of her pledge to help working families.
A REVIEW in The Guardian describes the author's work thus: "Wallace's exuberance and intellectual impishness are a delight, and he has deep things to say about the hollowness of contemporary American pleasure.
2] laser irradiated neck drawing of PTT fiber [10], and we have studied the mechanism for the hollow fiber fabrication [11], where a fiber with a hollowness ratio of 46.