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Such perfection of form, such hollowness that it certainly possessed, could not be the result of mere fortuitousness.
Out of sight, out of mind,' is well enough as a proverb applicable to cases of friendship, though absence is not always necessary to hollowness of heart, even between friends, and truth and honesty, like precious stones, are perhaps most easily imitated at a distance, when the counterfeits often pass for real.
Tulliver sat down on the bench, and tapping the ground curiously here and there with his stick, as if he suspected some hollowness, opened the conversation by observing, with something like a snarl in his tone,--
Noorullah Sadiqui the PAT spokesman said that printing such a remark which is against all norms of journalism proves the hollowness and narrow-mindedness of the publisher.
Mr Shah said: "A hollowness in my life is getting greater.
Strongly condemning the remarks made by the spokesperson of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs implicating Pakistan in IoK attack, Pakistan Foreign Office said, "The recent verdict of court martial on fake encounter of 2010 exposes the hollowness of the Indian infiltration claims.
Such acts depict the hollowness of the socalled democratic election process in Kashmir," he stated.
Lahore -- Provincial Minister for Law, Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan has Said that Pakistani nation has given its verdict against those who violated the sanctity of Independence Day and participation of only a few thousand people in the PTI long march has exposed the hollowness of the claim of those who were planning to launch a million march.
Despite David Cameron vowing that the NHS would be safe with the Conservatives, we now see the hollowness of that empty assurance.
The artist uses deep shadows and strong contrast which suggest hollowness, a lack of breath, life expelled.