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A will or deed written entirely by the testator or grantor with his or her own hand and not witnessed.

State laws vary widely in regard to the status of a holographic will. Some states absolutely refuse to recognize any will not in compliance with the formal statutory requirements pertaining to the execution of the will. Many states that do not recognize holographic wills executed by their own citizens within their borders will nevertheless admit a holographic will to probate if it was validly executed in accordance with the statutory requirements of another jurisdiction that recognizes such wills.



HOLOGRAPH. What is written by one's own hand. The same as Olograph. Vide Olograph.

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Ellis's introduction is likewise a balancing act: inviting non-specialists, but also pursuing theories about Hoccleve's holographs that do not match his introductory aims, and which are not always convincing.
Lewis"; "Young King Cole and Other Pieces and Holographs of Other Lewis Poems"; "The Holograph Contents of `Half Hours with Hamilton'"; and "The Holograph Contents of Lewis's Earliest Poems, in the Handwriting of Arthur Greeves, 1915-1917.
The familiar account of Dickinson's complaints to Higginson about how her poem "A Narrow Fellow in the Grass" was published in the Springfield Daily Republican in 1866 demonstrates how she particularly valued even the seemingly small details of her holographs.
On internet auctions, bids of pounds 300 are not unheard of for really desirable cards like the holographs of Charizard and Chansey.
The major portion of the book presents forty art/printer projects that include designing gift-wrap, greeting cards, stationery, posters, holographs, calendars, and more.
Attaching holographs to cards is similar to attaching bar codes either after or before the card has been laminated.
The appendices conclude with a valuable finding list of manuscript exemplars of Latino's works and his holographs.
Engineers, drafters, and others use lasers to generate holographs that give a three-dimensional representation of an object.
The scope and size of this project far exceeds anything that has been done to date with holographs, so in that sense, we're really making history.
In the years since, the discovery of a few holographs in Liszt's hand in the archives has proved him wrong--but not entirely wrong.
Literary documents included autographs and holographs of Shakespeare, Spenser, Bacon, Milton, Dryden and numerous other authors, as well as musicians, painters and persons eminent in other fields of human activity.