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Fouad Belkacem, 32, the chief of the Sharia4Belgium group, was convicted by a court in the northern port city of Antwerp of radicalising, recruiting and dispatching young men to fight holy war.
A more secularized Europe was a reaction to wartime religious excesses, even as that same "rhetoric of the holy war and holy nation" coupled with apocalyptic ideas to "metastasize" into "Fascism, Nazism, and racial extermination.
What makes Russia's involvement resembling holy war according to Rasta is that money is a request.
Shaikh Ahmad Al Assir and Shaikh Salem Al Rafai called on their supporters to embark on a jihad, or holy war against Hezbollah fighters.
Summary: JEDDAH: A special court in Riyadh started Sunday the trial of 49 suspects accused of inciting sedition and encouraging youths to participate in holy wars abroad.
The core of The New Holy Wars (Holy Wars for short) expands the critique of environmentalism sketched in Religion.
The research shows that few people really know what motivates people to declare jihad, or holy war, and tend to rely on stereotypes.
Noticeably, Jenkins fails to cite any New Testament passages in which Jesus incites his followers to violence and holy war.
There are places in the text where Allman leaves it to the reader to figure out the kind of pacifist, just warrior, or holy war he is discussing--but no one who reads WWJK?
The two were reported to have been under observation for months and a suicide note was found in their apartment saying that they wanted to die for the "jihad" or holy war.
THE head of a cyber grooming cell was jailed for 12 years at Blackfriars Crown Court in London yesterday after recruiting the country's youngest terrorist for a "worldwide" holy war against non-Muslims.
Holy war, just war; exploring the moral meaning of religious violence.