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The home care arm, Diversified Home Services, employs 35 home health nurses who cover a territory stretching from Orange to Ayer, Mrs.
The use of electronic health records and the ability to exchange them with other providers has shown to increase efficiency and improve the workflow of healthcare providers, including home health nurses.
Together, whether we are hospital nurses, school nurses, public health nurses, home health nurses or in private practices with physicians, it would give us so much more credibility to recognize that we all play an important role in the health and well being of our communities.
They contracted with a company that provided a package of easy-to-use home health devices, along with remote monitoring of vital signs and occasional visits by home health nurses.
NARI's membership includes physical therapists, speech therapists, occupation therapists, visual therapists, academic instructors, rehabilitation nurses, life skills instructors, special education instructors, vocational instructors, orientation and mobility instructors, braille instructors, home health nurses, supervisors of job training sites and workshops, and college professors.
Patient information is available to home health nurses using HealthWyse's PalmWyse system in the field as well as to clinicians located in the agency offices.
Home health nurses care for an array of patients with various conditions and therefore must have knowledge and expertise in multiple areas.

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