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The agency finally received an order to treat the pressure sores 6 days after the home health nurse had begun caring for the patient, by which time the sores were infected and considerably larger.
The patient remained at the hospital until May 16, 2002, at which time she was released and taken to her parents' home where she received treatment from home health nurses.
Wearing a white lab coat, Dawson says she loves being a home health nurse because of the freedom and the relationship she builds with her patients.
Today we have 20 home health nurses using Clio handhelds for data capture.
Because pediatric home health nurses serve children with developmental delays or deficits, they play an important role in promoting a child's developmental progress.
THE DEFENSE The home health nurse acted properly in contacting the doctor.
A home health nurse who was repeatedly stabbed while in the course of her employment was the object of sympathy by her employer who admitted that she was victimized in the course of her employment.
I work part-time as a home health nurse and I practice as a geriatric care manager.
Clinical decision: You persuade her to try a home health nurse and arrange for three visits a week to help with medications, check recorded blood glucose values, and reinforce insulin injection techniques.
One must also wonder whether an ergonomic problem is being created with the requirement that the home health nurse move this equipment from home to home in that doing so will involve a fair amount of lifting.
Patients are trained to use the equipment by a home health nurse.
With a home health nurse, a mother doesn't get the kind of psycho-social support she needs.

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