home rule

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Home Rule

The right to local self-government including the powers to regulate for the protection of the public health, safety, morals, and welfare; to license; to tax; and to incur debt.

Home rule involves the authority of a local government to prevent state government intervention with its operations. The extent of its power, however, is subject to limitations prescribed by state constitutions and statutes.

When a municipality or other political subdivision has the power to decide for itself whether to follow a particular course of action without receiving specific approval from state officials, it acts pursuant to such powers. For example, a town exercises its home rule powers when it puts the issue of allowing the sale of alcoholic beverages within its borders on the ballot.

home rule

n. the power of a local city or county to set up its own system of governing and local ordinances without receiving a charter from the state which comes with certain requirements and limitations. The concept has become popular with so-called libertarians, survivalists, and others who would like to divorce local government from as much state regulation as possible. However, few cities and counties have chosen this route. For example, in California, there is one small county (Colusa) out of the 58 which has chosen "home rule." This does not mean they will not take state funds for local improvements.

home rule

noun autonomy, enfranchisement, freedom from domination, freedom from interferrnce, freedom of action, freedom of choice, individualism, noninterference, nonintervention, political independence, self-containment, self-derived power, self-determination, self-direction, self-government, self-legislation, self-reliance, self-subsistence, self-sufficiency, self-support, sovereignty, unlimited sovereignty
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For Home Rule to be meaningful as a set of legal rights, those rights
In spite of its maxim of conference, conciliation and consent as well as the Home Rule all-round concept, which would have included Home Rule for Scotland and Wales as well as Ireland, the movement and its leader William O'Brien, became increasingly isolated from the main nationalist thrust.
The SNP were elected not on a mandate of independence, but on implementing, during this parliament, a full Home Rule programme.
However, the home rule clause of the New York State Constitution is subject to a significant limitation.
Among households with no adult smokers, the national prevalence of smokefree home rules increased from 56.
Nevertheless, if Home Rule was not to come to pass in his lifetime, Gladstone's major achievement in 1886, it might be argued, was to set the measure firmly on the agenda and to force policymakers and others to think through what its implications might be.
Chamberlain and Schnadhorst were political allies until they fell out over Home Rule and in one letter written by Chamberlain after their fallout in April 1886, he states: "The Liberal Party is going forward to certain disaster unless some steps are taken immediately to reunite us by mutual concession.
Exhibit 1 lists the nine municipalities that provided performance information about an initiative that would not have been possible but for home rule authority.
He suggested that if a group of municipalities files home rule petitions dealing with the same issues, the Legislature is more likely to pay attention.
Situe a l'ere de la troisieme home rule bill et de l'articulation de l'opinion a son egard a Toronto (1910-1914), Particle parte les medias torontois et notamment sur le contenu visuel de caricatures publiees dans le resolument pro-empire Evening Telegram.
CDC researchers also found about 34 percent of multiunit housing residents who have adopted voluntary smoke-free home rules have recently been exposed to secondhand smoke that entered their living unit from nearby living units or shared areas.