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He told them all his adventures, and how he had left King Agenor in his palace, and Phoenix at one place, and Cilix at another, and Thasus at a third, and his dear mother, Queen Telephassa, under a flowery sod; so that now he was quite alone, both friendless and homeless.
com)-- August 8-14 has been declared the first National Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week.
Funds to Benefit 175 Homeless Service Providers in the Washington Metropolitan Area
I never meant to insult the people engaged in the noble service of feeding, clothing, housing and educating the homeless men and women of Skid Row.
An upcoming Web seminar/audioconference will highlight one successful strategy that cities across the country are using to aid the homeless and put them on the road to permanent housing.
A federal appeals court has barred New York City police from removing homeless people who sleep on the steps of a church.
Advocates say Bowen's story illustrates the difficulties LGBT homeless youth face in finding a shelter where they feel safe and welcomed.
Ten minutes later we are greeted with traditional bowing and a business card exchange by the man that we came to meet--Shoji Sano, publisher of The Big Issue Japan, a street magazine sold by homeless people in the UK, Australia, South Africa, and most recently, Japan.
The Charitable Service Trust also continued its support for programs assisting homeless veterans across our nation.
This case study of an African American elementary school female who is homeless illustrates how ASCA's National Model meets the needs of students who are homeless.
The Christopher includes 167 permanent affordable apartments for low-income working adults and the formerly homeless, as well as New York's first Foyer Program, a forty-unit housing-based career development program for young adults who are aging out of foster or residential care, are homeless, or at risk of homelessness.
CALGARY -- The number of homeless families in this city increased to 104, a 148% rise, according to the Biennial Count of Homeless Persons in Calgary on 2004 May 12.

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