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But it is his homelier role as a lifelong classroom teacher, and by extension a pedagogue in the public square, which better reveals him and his work to us today in a digital culture that feels like one of his carriage house lectures come to life.
A ceramic slate lookalike floor from Croft Interiors complements the original range Sienna chose funky Casamance wallpaper for her bedroom walls then picked out the vibrant blue in the padded headboard, made by Croft Interiors The city chic look of the sitting room combines Lyndon's passion for white minimalist with Vanessa's homelier instincts.
See if you can feed her something to make her homelier.
The couplet, reapplied to Crabbe's subject matter, has even homelier meanings.
Not content with just booking rooms, national team general manager Oliver Bierhoff arranged for rebuilding work to be carried out, to give the place a homelier feel.
I loved that it seemed to flow out of Portland's homelier past, when it was a timber town, a little rough, and the river was the center of everything--of commerce as well as society (dividing the upscale Westside of Portland from the working-class east).
The rug in the centre softens the look and again moves the room away from boring office to a softer, homelier place.
In confidential moments she preferred the homelier themes, and would have enjoyed best of all being tender and gay about the coal cellar, or reticent and brave about the leak in the boiler; but she was ready to deal with anything as long as it was a fact.
In truth, the coffee mock-Tudor exterior is a bit drab and can throw visitors a bit, as inside has a homelier feel.
Where Kinsella allows a personification to stand, it is modified by homelier diction: 'hungry joy and sickening distress / Met in union by the brimming flood' (Massachusetts Review, p.
Even the bush, dried up and shrunken, got closer and homelier, and the dense steam that rose then from the red earth carried the sharp scent of the khaki herb, the tough African mass of the prickly wag-'n-bietjie bushes, of the cruel big cactuses and the fleshy little ones, of the strong scent of the wild mahalula fruit; and a damp darkness curled up from among the bushes, and out of the fullness of joy, Africa was on the verge of tears then .
Instead she "has her own homelier aura, a mother figure, heroine of .