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In this article, I have suggested that an enduring transnational entanglement between the United States and Liberia has shaped contemporary processes of homemaking and the practice and potential of the UNHCR's durable solutions for Liberian refugees in Ghana.
Betty Shows Her Pride For the second year in a row, Betty Crocker will take an active role in Pride as it sponsors the Twin Cities festival and conducts some of its national research on homemaking on-site.
She was suitably apologetic, and freely admitted that she had edited out some of the less amusing aspects of both homemaking and publishing.
But with Stewart's trading habits worrying Wall Street like a stubborn stain, the public ponders a deeper crisis of confidence: Who in America will stand for wholesome homemaking now that the aristocrat of craft has been herself besmirched?
MacDonald recently recalled, "we knew that the Lord was going to use us as we combined our talents, Victor being a self-taught fix-it man and my having the abilities of homemaking plus my piano playing [she has a degree in applied piano].
For example, Thinking About Women suggests that homemaking is literally a hazardous occupation, since it "exposes [women] to a wide variety of toxic substances" that are not subjected to the same government regulations as in industrial settings, and darkly states that "the high death rate by cancer among housewives [has not] been widely discussed.
Taglined "The Family Guide to Household Hints and Money-Saving Ideas," Creative Homemaking offers "from our home to yours" recipes, household hints, gardening tips, cookbook reviews, submissions from readers, holiday gift ideas, a Kids Corner, Dave's Car Care Corner, and classifieds (which in issue reviewed advertised seven newsletters with editorial missions similar to Creative Homemaking).
Magovern says his patient, minus 20 to 30 percent of her heart, has returned to homemaking in Beaver Creek, Pa.
and part of the company's Home Appliances Group, produces homemaking, cooking and housing-related products for a worldwide customer-base.
My contribution to this special issue is an examination of three issues that arise in response to the innovative material presented in the volume: (1) the distinction between "protracted refugee situations" and "prolonged conditions of displacement," (2) the tension between state-centred and people-centred perspectives of home in the "constellation of homes," and (3) changes in the meaning of home and homemaking practices when these occur in de-territorialised virtual spaces.
The homemaking diva repeatedly claimed that money was never the object of her actions, and, in all likelihood, she was telling the truth.
The University of Utah introduced courses on "patrology" and "matrology" and in the 1930s Russell Sage College established a Hall of Homemaking where the college's president and his wife met with students in "frank discussions" of the intimate problems of home life.