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FATAL ATTRACTION (1987): 'I will not be ignored,' said spurned Glenn Close as one-night stand turned homicidally dangerous.
THE LAWNMOWER MAN (1992) 1am C5 Remarkable "virtual reality" special effects are the best thing about a rather crude chiller in which well-meaning scientist Pierce Brosnan's experiments on retarded gardener Jeff Fahey go homicidally haywire.
And they're homicidally determined no upstart new tenant's going to get it out of the building without a fight -or another death.
For all their portentous, pacifist protesting the celebs are revealed to be as homicidally dedicated to their cause as the terrorists - yet there have been no complaints from the stars, who are clearly anxious to show they can take a joke.
Halloween" has everything you could want in an updated slasher movie, as long as you're not a homicidally slavish purist.
First there's a former one-night stand who's homicidally obsessed with him and sets out to wreck the nuptials; there's the prospective father-in-law Richard Cook (Geoffrey Whitehead), a judge who doesn't think much of his daughter's chosen; prospective mother-in-law Angela Cook (Alison Steadman) who's obsessed with the minutiae while everyone else is worried about the big picture, and Ron and Trish (Jon Benfield and Lizzie Roper), Howard's embarrassment of a father and his partner, a stripper.
While we never see any of them engaged in any actual work, we do see Bateman using his office to watch "Jeopardy", listen to music on his headset and fill crossword blanks with homicidally obsessive words.