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That made the station, which also broadcast information from the homilies later in the week, a recurring target of the military, which jammed its signal and bombed its offices.
We await the remaining homilies and the promised indexes.
This is what Ian Robinson, with the encouragement of the Reverend Peter Toon and the joint venture of Brynmill Press and Preservation Press of the Prayer Book Society USA, has done in republishing the Homilies for the first time since 1859.
In this paper I examine a few lexical items used in Old English homilies and present a possible interpretation of the meanings of such words taking into account the context in which they are used, as well as the author's own explanatory exposition.
The focus on sources continues in short introductions to the individual homilies, which identify the occasion for each piece, the relevant biblical pericopes, and the overarching concerns of AElfric's exposition.
In these homilies, Shapira develops themes and wrestles with theodicy.
Thomson discusses the homilies attributed to Yeghishe, an Armenian author of the fifth and sixth century.
He has just released his second book of homilies and sermons: Naked, and You Clothed Me (clearfaithpub lishing.
In my parish, our priests give excellent homilies on the readings at Mass and how they relate back to how we live our faith in modern society.
These homilies are the only commentary on John from the Latin patristic tradition; they are of immense interest, therefore, informed by the Donatist heresy that Augustine opposes.
in Naples, Florida) provides a lengthy introduction to Origen, his life, career as a teacher and writer, the fate of his works, and the significance of his homilies.
Cardinal Roger Mahony's recent denouncing of the punitive immigration legislation before the United States Senate--by means of his Ash Wednesday homily and subsequent Op-Ed piece (New York Times [March 22, 2006])--highlights the timeliness of this very helpful book on incorporating Catholic social teaching in homilies for Latino congregations.