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Neal offers plenty of advice to homilists on the best ways to achieve this goal.
The talmudic homilists spell out five transgressions that explain why he died.
Vos inquam is a relentless harangue in which the doubts and aspersions of the Jews are placed in their mouths by the homilist himself; Legimus sanctum Moysen, on the other hand, allows the Jew (that is, Jewry) to speak.
To break this impression, homilists might move from the parable proper, which ends in v.
147), which, in Lonergan's framework extends the task of intelligibility, and which, in the homily, allows the homilist to echo to the gathered community its shared understanding of the event at hand.
Inserting fictitious monologues equally makes the homily more lively and provides the homilist with the opportunity to introduce another perspective into the narration, to show the events from another person's viewpoint.
Rendering the source lexical meaning requires some ingenuity on the part of the homilist so that the information loss and/or information intrusion be as small as possible.
Since the homilist is so completely a part of the world of his sermon, he portrays himself as a passenger in order to resolve the spiritual dilemma that has troubled him whenever he is not giving a homily.
Homilists can lead their listeners to a different place and frame of mind and spirit if they tell their stories well and honestly.
28) Because poets are subtler than homilists in the exposition of their themes, we shall need to delve more deeply into the thematic and generic backgrounds of Resignation B in order fully to comprehend its portrait of the prophet.
Elliott, "the homilist reminded the congregation that Warren had wanted nothing more than to live with a committed same-sex partner, but unwilling to depart from our church's official policy, he had lived a single and lonely life.
As a homilist, I always think of Johnson in my preparation, especially when we come to the Gospel of Luke.