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And this, in some sense, is the case with the compiling homilists, although I think that in the case of Anglo-Saxon England there is a further difference: it is not simply that they inherited some sort of vague popular belief; in their case, these views are attested by incontrovertible proof--they are written down in books, and this gives them, by the standards of the day, unimpeachable authority.
Rendering the source lexical meaning requires some ingenuity on the part of the homilist so that the information loss and/or information intrusion be as small as possible.
He says his pastor, Father Drew Wood, is a gifted homilist, and that's what people want.
In a more perfect world, those weekend homilists would include lay women and men, but for now at least, the homily will be for most of us coming from a priest.
Attending to these elaborations of meaning helps homilists fulfill their task of interpretation.
e) Other action: The National Council for Liturgy is working on amendments, and encourages homilists, teachers, speakers, and writers to try to use inclusive language on all occasions.
Homilists need to stick to the scripture readings and when they blatantly deviate from that, their statement says, "OK, the Order of Mass is over, feel free to leave.
Homilists in August will meet the-figure of Peter in three of the four Sunday Gospels from St.
Homilists approach John with dread if not fear for its nagging inscrutability.
Short reflections on the days of Lent based on the daily scripture readings, these are useful not only for homilists but for anyone interested in "going into the desert.
For young adults, choosing convenient Mass times and finding homilists who resonate with real issues is critical.
Siciliano encouraged preachers to find a contemplative place in their busy lives if they want to be good homilists.