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He says his pastor, Father Drew Wood, is a gifted homilist, and that's what people want.
It is not entirely clear how the homilist is counting five transgressions or what the fifth transgression is.
Shouldn't, then, our homilists be free to broach the subject at Mass without regard to the text assigned for that day?
I always say homilists should approach the readings like waiters and say, "What is the cook serving today?
Homilists at the weekend liturgies will reflect on them as well.
Recall that this is the bureaucracy that has forbidden female homilists and the Eucharist to kids who cannot tolerate hosts made of wheat.
Patricia Sanchez, whose commentaries on the Sunday readings have been recognized as one of the most cogent and pastorally sensitive resources available to homilists, rarely travels from her home in Hattiesburg, Miss.
Preaching need not be a Herculean task if homilists remember to connect God's story with the people's story and the preacher's own story.
Formation for Catechists and Homilists in a Catechumenal Church (Liturgy Training Publications, 393 pages, $16 paperback).
Homilists are getting less shlocky, but when our pastor quoted a boy who said his mom was analytical, everyone laughed.
Homilists gave us several one-liners that became cherished mantras.