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17, 1979, cable noted that Romero stated in his homily that it appeared to him that a "popular army" was being formed, but that the church "recognized right of oppressed to exert pressure, but not through armed violence.
In his homily, Pope Francis called on people, himself included, to look into their own hearts to see how they are living their lives.
Rosica's lengthy "explanatory note" quoted the Second Vatican Council's Lumen Gentium: "[T]hose could not be saved who refuse either to enter the church, or to remain in it, while knowing that it was founded by God through Christ as required for salvation" it was quickly picked up by the media as a "walking back" of the pope's homily.
In his homily, Francis, 76, who was elected earlier this month, said Christian joy "isn't born from possessing a lot of things but from having met Jesus".
Father Gionet complains that he was not even given a chance to defend himself and show his homily notes.
Arlington, Virginia, Bishop Paul Loverde's eloquent homily roused them to wakefulness and even greater determination to be the generation that brings about the end of abortion in America.
3) Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who read the Homilies in an edition issued by the newly formed Prayer Book and Homily Society, was impressed, (4) while R.
Originally slated to be the final Sword and Sorceress volume due to Bradley's death, this has been altered with a new introduction to reflect the continuation of the series and also includes the homily given at her funeral.
I was going to give what I thought would be a ringing homily," White fold the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
direct statements by homily writers, too well-known to repeat them here) but also "for the sake of the simple and unlearned listeners and readers" for whom the work was intended (Godden 1992: 521).
Even where the sources are well known, Godden's excerpting and presentation show with new force how complex AElfric's methods often were (see, for example, the yield of prose and verse sources for the homily on St Cuthbert, pp.
There followed a video-recorded homily by Secretary of State Colin Powell who, in keeping with his globalist views, touted the UN's "trail-blazing" efforts in the wake of the September 11th attacks.