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Gellius saith, Hominem delirum, qui verborum minutiis rerum frangit pondera.
The supposition is of course preposterous; and I might answer by the argumentum ad hominem, and ask what should be done if a perfect kangaroo were seen to come out of the womb of a bear?
What was published was a thinly-veiled ad hominem attack based apparently on Mr.
He's the only potential leader of Labour who would back leaving the EU if renegotiation didn't sufficiently protect the UK, but somehow Mr Arnott didn't hear this at all, and there you have it; Mr Arnott is a standard politician who skews arguments to serve his prejudices and makes ad hominem attacks.
IN HIS AUGUST 2015 (Volume 22, Issue 7) response to my critique of his letter in the previous edition, Michael Czuboka makes ad hominem remarks and alleges that my letter "produced a baffling array of questionable statistics," while proffering his own counter-statistics.
Pine's remarks are so misguided and opinionated, and his ad hominem attack on Harry White, one of the two General Editors of EMIR, is so ill tempered, that instead of laughing, I am compelled to respond.
The New Republic's Alec MacGillis quoted a former colleague's tweet that the indictments appear "pretty thin" while saying, "It is not going to be easy for prosecutors to convince a trial jury that a governor wielding his veto power in even the rawest, most ad hominem form, as Perry did here, amounts to a crime.
There will always be differences of opinion among thinking people, but vituperation and ad hominem attacks are the enemy of reason.
To get there, however, it helps to know the basic principles of rational argumentation, and to see fallacies such as ad hominem or the setting up of straw men.
Ad hominem denigration of the deal's critics is not a worthy or useful line of argument, especially when facing so dangerous an opponent.
Mr Baker frequently resorts to ad hominem, untroubled by the possibility that some who oppose his beloved wind power stations may be greener than he, and maybe even more knowledgeable.
The government also admonishes preachers not to level ad hominem attacks against individuals or criticize the actions of friendly governments.