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It is, however, unrealistic to attain complete homogeneity across all the Members States.
The results for the year 2000 initiatives in Table A4 confirm this argument when estimating the effects of racial homogeneity at the census block level.
In Panel A, Table 3, the mean homogeneity measures are higher for INTACT industries, but they are not statistically different, thus the direction of the homogeneity measures are correct but are not at significant levels.
Functional [PHI] is shift invariant (2) with abscissa homogeneity property (4) and ordinate homogeneity property (5)
Peterson (1997) discusses homogeneity in general in the tome Ethnicity Counts.
The nature of the chronological homogeneity, however, differs from that of heterogeneity in the sense that the former is a characteristic feature of diachronic facts with the accepted minimal age difference in the textual prototypes whereas the latter comes into light where there is a pre-set chronological dissimilarity.
This program differs from inter-laboratory proficiency testing, as there is usually limited control of the homogeneity of the sample being divided.
If they want homogeneity, they'll have to accept the regulatory processes in these new entrants.
Although it still remains to explore the importance of her findings, Salinger has uncovered a remarkable homogeneity of attitudes towards taverns in New England, the mid-Atlantic, and the south, and reaffirmed the central place of taverns in the social world of early America.
I never believed that I would see the day when a church publication would refer to the traditional understanding of Christianity as "Stepford Wives-style homogeneity," or suggest that those who advocate and invite adherence to traditional Christian theology are no more than bumpkins trying to create a "bubble" around themselves in a secular world.