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CT of the orbits revealed soft tissue mass-like lesions in the retrobulbar orbits that on MRI were shown to be heterogeneously hyperintense on T2-weighted imaging, homogeneously hypointense on T1-weighted imaging, and homogeneously enhancing on postcontrast imaging.
are said to be homogeneously equivalent if and only if they satisfy one of the following two equivalent conditions:
The individual components are successively dosed in a weighing tank in accordance with the formula, and the total batch is subsequently homogeneously mixed in a mixing tank placed underneath.
It delivers the fibrous material continuously and homogeneously to the card feeder.
The trajectory of some essays might foster the false assumption that major classical thinkers worked in a homogeneously Muslim environment, never rubbing elbows with Jews or Christians, and unaware that non-Muslims might actually be good people.
Using an innovative, proprietary production technology, these liners are bonded homogeneously and uniformly to the rubber construction, which is made of EPDM plus a high-strength, temperature-resistant aramid braiding and a coil of high-tenacity stainless steel wire.
All ingredients and water can be homogeneously mixed in the same tank.
On "Future" Bloc's electoral strategy , he disclosed that the Bloc will be homogeneously constituted from March 14 candidates.
Since the crystals are distributed homogeneously within the glassy phase in sol-gel method, the use of this method results in the homogeneity of the glass-ceramic structure, which is mandatory for the machining.
Dispersing carbon black and carbon nanotubes homogeneously is said to frequently pose considerable challenges to compounders.
2] and colored pigments--including whites, grays, and pastels--that stay homogeneously mixed over time, offering formulation stability and color consistency.
Powdermet believes its expertise in working with nanocomposites will help the team overcome the difficulty of inducing nanoparticles to disperse homogeneously throughout a casting.