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4): Estimation of frequency distribution: Assuming the region to be homogenous, the frequency distributions of all sites in this region were more or less similar except scale factor and single distribution was selected for fitting the data in the entire region.
Our goal therefore has been to compare the well-known results of the homogenous population with the parallel results obtained by assuming a non-homogeneous population.
We would adopt the same attitude with gravitational fields exterior to homogenous oblate spheroidal masses.
k] 4: Perform a homogenous extraction process (see Section 4.
There remains a difference between the causes of squabbles among culturally homogenous American states and multicultural nation-states under the United Nations (or some other would-be form of world government).
Though it burst on to the scene with promises of greatly increased fuel economy and stratified charge operation, gasoline direct injection has matured into a homogenous charge strategy with much lower NOx emissions and greater engine output than non-homogenous GDI engines.
Finally, higher-performing groups tend to be the least homogenous (i.
The higher the viscosity of the suspending liquid, the more the suspension tends to behave like a homogenous liquid or continuum.
When comparing homogenous panels to 3-layer panels at similar RC and panel target density, all mechanical and physical properties were slightly more favorable in the homogenous panels.
It is certainly the case that there are differences among the civilizational blocks Huntington identifies, but these blocs are not as homogenous and self-contained as Huntington would have us believe.
The lowest HDL-C concentration that could be measured reliably with the homogenous assay was ~30 mg/L.
The reverse, pedestrian experience of the station is a similar blend of homogenous fluidity and clever calculation.