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In both morphology and molecular biology, similarity is the first indicator of homology: "In the absence of a phylogenetic analysis, one can only propose homologies based on character similarity; one cannot test hypotheses of homology" (Lauder, 1994:188).
Direct sequencing of the RT-PCR-amplified products of a 566-nt coding region of the amino terminus of the nucleoprotein resulted in homologies within subgenotypes EBLV1a (41 specimens) and EBLV1b (4 specimens) of 99.
Overall, the predicted amino acid homologies of the surface glycoproteins, F and G, of NV-B and NV-M are high (Table).
Laqueur's actual descriptions of the one-sex model, however, are based not on embryology but on homologies between fully developed male and female sexual organs, and Laqueur's descriptions of early theories of sex and gender hardly support Shapiro's contention that Shakespeare lived in a culture which held "essentialized notions of maleness.
The most extensive coverage of mammalian species homologies is the Mouse Genome Database of The Jackson Laboratory (21).
Though BLAST is the most powerful sequence alignment tool, it can overlook some significant homologies.
He pays special attention to political practices and social forms, noting homologies between Botswana and other democratic societies, like Norway.
Conventional North American molt terminology for birds was developed by Humphrey and Parkes (1959) to facilitate identification of homologies among molts and plumages across species through use of the neutral terms 'basic', 'alternate', and 'supplemental' rather than terms that refer to breeding status, plumage, or season of the year.
explain the basics of general topology, nonlinear coordinate systems, the theory of smooth manifolds, the theory of curves and surfaces, transformation groups, tensor analysis and Riemannian geometry, the theory of integration and homologies, fundamental groups, and variational problems of Riemannian geometry.