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Comparative nucleotide homology analysis of the AP Ra-CTR isolate with the other isolates revealed 94.
belongs to the kernel of the boundary map and hence to the homology group [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Therefore, an attempt has been made in this paper to throw light on this proposition and to illustrate the homology of Laspeyres and Paasche-type index numbers when constructed on the same set of data.
Such a co-occurrence violates a fourth criterion of homology, and I believe we must conclude that the cotyledons of monocots and dieors are fundamentally different structures that do not share a common phylogenetic origin.
1, 2006 International Journal of Robotics Research, Ghrist and de Silva showed how to use the homology of the Rips complex to figure out whether a network has full coverage.
And doesn't this throw into question Greenblatt's homology with Hamlet's mockery mentioned above (which perhaps now must be identified with a more specifically Catholic "eucharistic anxiety")?
Lilienfeld (1951) made Kihara's definitions of the various types of homology more precise: "Two genomes are strictly homologous, if the pairing chromosomes are identical as to the linear gene arrangement and freely interchangeable which garantees genomically conditioned full fertility.
Seven gene segments of QH09, except for the acidic polymerase (PA) gene, showed the greatest homology with 2 clade 2.
They look at complex hyperbolic lattices, rank-one isometries of proper CAT(0)-spaces, trace polynomials for simple loops on the twice punctured torus, the simplicial volume of products and fiber bundles, the homology of Hantzsche-Wendt groups, Seifert fibered structure and rigidity on real Bott towers, exotic circles in groups of piecewise smooth circle homeo-morphisms, and groups generated by spine reflections admitting crooked fundamental domains.
On the other hand, the Euler characteristic is the alternating sum of ranks of homology groups, so whenever homology is concentrated in even dimensions with homology basis indexed by the fixed points of the involution, this would imply the phenomenon.
Research Development Foundation (Carson City, NV) has patented a human urocortin-related peptide with significant sequence homology to the CRF neuropeptide family.
Because these predictions are based on sequence homology, they must be confirmed experimentally.