honest effort

See: good faith
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Nothing is impossible if you put in an honest effort," WAFA quoted Abbas as telling his guests.
If we can really achieve this, which we are trying to with our honest effort, it will be the first green course outside Muscat.
Marco Botti's juvenile produced a very honest effort, too, finishing second behind Donjuan Triumphant, with the third horse home never nearer.
We may fumble and commit mistakes but we promise an honest effort and a fair deal to everyone.
Perhaps most importantly, it is shown that even the most broken, painful relationships can be rebuilt with honest effort and discussion, something many find too uncomfortable to begin.
I have put a real honest effort, put in whatever I have worked on in practice.
I make an honest effort and I am humbled by their support,'' Mr.
Sadly, despite honest effort and fancy footwork, Breakfast's conversion to film misses the goalposts by some distance.
If there is not a serious effort, an honest effort, by Parliament to address the security situation in the country, and put Lebanese interests above all others, then who knows where Lebanon is headed.
It's important that there be an honest effort to list the consequences of this vote, one way or another.
It is an honest effort to bring alive the dying spirit of Urdu poetry in India.
FINAL CUT 3 From loser to bruiser, it's an honest effort