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Bach to Rock, America's music school for students of all ages, will waive its franchise fee and offer a 50 percent royalty fee reduction for the first year of operation for all honorably discharged veterans.
Former members of the armed forces who are not entitled to retired pay and who separated from active duty (other than for training), terminated honorably, and were awarded one of the following decorations: the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Distinguished Service Medal, the Silver Star, or the Purple Heart
When uniforms finally arrived after the November 1918 armistice, Douglas suited up for a photo, but his military record, Murphy writes, shows that he was never actually inducted into the Army or honorably discharged.
Sure, their waistlines are thicker and the hair is thinning but the passionate aggression that earned them their place in time honorably accompanied them on Feb.
We congratulate him and thank him for representing Cushman & Wakefield so honorably.
Some of the agents lived up to the expectations and acquitted themselves honorably.
7, finds that while most audits are conducted honorably, a spate of high-profile failures has given the profession a black eye.
veterans who were diagnosed with MS during their military service or up to 7 years after being honorably discharged may be eligible for disability compensation and other benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Taken as a whole (and with some traditional exceptions), the essays honorably represent the ongoing effort to bring Hispanic studies abreast of the most current trends in literary and cultural theory.
Moon was the more successful interpreter of the dual leading role, though Sun-Hee Park acquitted herself honorably.
When he found the child unharmed beneath the cradle, with the wolf's corpse beside him, the remorseful prince caused Gelert to be honorably buried.