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Harvey grabbed at a rope and long iron hook dangling from one of the stays of the mainmast, while Dan pulled down another that ran from something he called a "topping-lift," as Manuel drew alongside in his loaded dory.
Once the lone warrior caught an antagonist in the side with his hook, and drawing him close ran his sword through him.
Lashed to the gunwale close at hand a single landing leather that had not fouled the tangled mass beneath whipped free from the ship's side, the hook snapping at its outer end.
Each of the men driving the harnessed spans lifted up the double- trees so that the girl could grasp the hooks.
Pricked by the first hook it touches, the sturgeon gives a startled leap and comes into contact with half a dozen more hooks.
Maston, scratching with his steel hook his gutta-percha cranium.
no," said Tom, putting up the hooks again, taking out a large pocket-knife, and slowly opening the largest blade, which he looked at meditatively as he rubbed his finger along it.
He reached up and put the end of rope, with the hook, over the head of the tester bed, where the curtains ought to hang.
We all wished, however, afterward that we had stopped at Penton Hook.
It is this, if we meet Hook in open fight, you must leave him to me.
Having baited the hook with some bread which he broke from his loaf, he dropped the line into the water and almost instantly it was seized by a great fish.
Ten fathoms--sixty feet--it was nothing to him, an old man, compared with the value of a hook and line.