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I hear similarities to Ian's deep booming vocals and a reference to our music," said Hooky.
Available through June 15 (excluding Memorial Day weekend), the two-night Play Hooky package ranges from $195 for a lodge room to $355 for an ocean view suite.
The Rag Rug Group meets at the Belle View resource centre in Belford to work on the old North East tradition of making proggy and hooky mats, which is based on recycling pieces of various materials.
It is a newrole for Hooky and he is one of these players who can take it on the chin and have a great game on Saturday.
There are all sorts of words for the craft - proggy, proddy, clootie, cleekie, stobbie, tab, rag and clippy as well as hooky.
Hooky was once married to Royle Family creator and star Caroline Aherne and, after they'd separated in 1996, got into a highly publicised punch-up with her new boyfriend, TV researcher Matt Bowers.
Executives who play hooky are going to start the New Year playing catch-up to everyone else.
Hooky is such an unpredictable threat at 12, great vision plays with his head up, not just by numbers, his array of kicks and passes are unmatched with sublime timing.
And he wraps them up in hooky arrangements encompassing soaring strings.
It has always helped me because the media focus is on players like Gav, Mike and Hooky.
Hooky has been involved with a whole series of gigs involving new bands and was specially invited along for tonight's show.