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The inspectors on September 7, 2017 illegally detained a man and beat him to gain a confession to hooliganism.
The Qila Didar Singh police were tipped-off that some youths had consumed liquor and were speaking foul and were resorted hooliganism at the Mehndi ceremony of Waseem, resident of Ashraf Town.
Gurugram (Haryana) [India], Jan 1 ( ANI ): The Haryana Police thrashed and baton-charged few youth outside the Sahara Mall on Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road on the New Year's Eve for indulging in hooliganism.
you know, the World Cup's in Russia, and they do have a problem with hooliganism and racism, so hopefully if we can sort of target it over here it's like a knock-on effect.
Markin said: "I warn those who plan to come here to commit hooliganism that they will face a suitable punishment, possibly in the form of a long stay in Russia.
The minister said that the journalists today witnessed the hooliganism of PTI workers which deserved severe and unqualified condemnation.
hameful behaviour by PMLN goons trying to stop PTI from Raiwind March by hooliganism at KP Assembly.
While he did not explicitly state that Liverpool fans had been to blame for anyone's death, he did imply that there was some connection between Hillsborough and hooliganism, saying: "This is going back to the ?
Neither clubs nor the police need the unworkable legislation that was introduced to supposedly deal with hooliganism.
An ad hoc enquiry committee in Bulgariaas parliament on Tuesday granted the Chief Prosecutoras request to lift the immunity of two lawmakers from nationalist Ataka party to face charges of hooliganism.
At a time when football hooliganism is on the rise, the last thing we need in the game is to be soft on it.
The degree to which this hooliganism manifests itself in public is the only thing that differs.