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With this pathetic decision to award and reward hooliganism I am thinking of calling it a day and not going back.
However, it was the Deputy Commander of the Abu Dhabi Police, and Member of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Executive Office, Mohammed Al Rumaithi who traced the rise of hooliganism in sports to the 1970s.
He said: "I repeat: no one suggests that there is any question of Hillsborough having been caused by hooliganism of the type depicted in the video or at all.
In a memo to Thatcher, press secretary Bernard Ingham suggested the Prime Minister should meet Jimmy Hill and Bobby Charlton to ask them to support the condemnation of hooliganism.
MPs heard that the bill did not tackle the substantial delays observed in trying hooliganism related cases.
At present, hooliganism is prosecuted and heard before a court of law and punished according to the UAE Penal Code.
Hooliganism comes in many forms and that day South Yorkshire Police were guilty of it by treating human beings like cattle and refusing to let them out of a pen that was squeezing the life out of them.
And the fact that 25 years on, a serious British newspaper - despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary - can, in such a casual and sensationalist manner, link hooliganism to Hillsborough, proves beyond doubt exactly why we need those inquests.
The activists were initially charged with piracy, although it was later changed to hooliganism, which carries a lesser sentence.
The so-called Arctic 30 have been held in Murmansk since September and stand charged with hooliganism - they initially faced more serious allegations of piracy.
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- Defense lawyers for activists held on board a Greenpeace ship last month will insist that all charges leveled by the Russian authorities against them be dropped, the organization's spokesman said Thursday after the original piracy charges were reduced to hooliganism.
According to Sky News, the group of Greenpeace activists will still face accusations of hooliganism that carries a maximum prison sentence of seven years, while piracy invites jail term of up to 15 years.