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Hopple, of Bechtel International, says, "STT was chosen because you can put in a heavy enough root pass so you don't have to put multiple passes ahead of the flux core machine.
From the time it was set up, we would completely weld a 36-inch standard wall pipe in about 20 minutes," Hopple said.
I think you have to understand the city before you go in there," notes Hopple.
Allen commented, "Guideposts is extremely pleased to welcome Dick Hopple.
Panel speakers include industry luminaries such as Marco Tinelli, CEO, Grey Interactive Europe; Carla Hendra, president, OgilvyOne; Michael Kleindl, managing director, AdLink; Chris Neimeth, president and CEO, Real Media; Richard Maul, managing director, Online Advertising, Pixelpark AG; Paul Woolmington, vice-chairman, chief strategic officer, The Media Edge; and Dick Hopple, CEO, Unicast.
com; Richard Hopple, Chairman & CEO, Unicast; Mark Mariani, President of Sales & Marketing, SportsLine USA; and Hilmi Ozguc, Vice President, Excite@Home's Enliven, will focus on the issues and promise of implementing rich media advertising.
Hopple added, "Providing the most effective online advertising solution for Web sites and advertisers requires a commitment to flawless execution.
This round of financing will enable us to move forward in implementing our solution," said Richard Hopple, Chief Executive Officer of Unicast.
The whole industry knows that there is great opportunity in using video for Web advertising," said Richard Hopple, CEO of Unicast Communications.
Guess-A-Sketch' will greatly enhance our site," said Richard Hopple, chairman and CEO, Unicast.