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b], which in turn can be expressed as a function of the direct solar intensity reaching a horizontal plane [I.
a) in terms of cross beams to truss flange connection: case a1) "strong" connection in horizontal plane cross beam web and flanges are connected or only cross beam web is connected and there is a stiffener (i.
Sharp's interpretation of "idea" in Spinoza similarly rests on the renaturalized conception of human beings as situated on--and interacting on--a horizontal plane with other beings.
In rats, the opposing eye movements between left and right eye mean that the line of vision varies by as much as 40 degrees in the horizontal plane and up to 60 degrees in the vertical plane.
Difference between maximum distance of bucket wheel from GPS1 sensor in horizontal plane and at maximum tilt of superstructure axis.
The rotary Table 4 rotated on a horizontal plane until the maximum signal (output voltage) was obtained from the photodetector.
The horizontal plane x-z covers the whole area of the subway station at a height of 1.
The CS1214 features CTC's clamshell mechanism, which opens 90 degrees into a horizontal plane, providing a flat work table on which to easier prep the splice.
The materials move through the Air Shoot in a near horizontal plane with little change in elevation--ideal for spaces where minimal vertical height poses equipment and conveying obstacles.
The reader can flip pages forward and backward in the horizontal plane and scroll down vertically to read an individual article.
Both robots have two rotational degrees of freedom in a plane, but master robot is in horizontal plane (SCARA configuration) and slave robot is in vertical plane (planar elbow manipulator).