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The rear side of the injection machine can often use shorter horizontal strokes because it requires less access.
As many as 30 brush strokes form each word, allowing artists to develop their own signature style using the five basic strokes - the ``heng,'' a horizontal stroke from left to right; the ``chih,'' a vertical stroke; the ``tien,'' similar to a dot; the ``pieh,'' a right-to-left stroke that dips and narrows to a pointed tip; and the ``na,'' a downward stroke from left to right.
Horizontal stroke starts at 2000 mm standard and can be extended to 5000 mm to allow an "L" configuration with clampend placement of parts.
5 ft/sec can be achieved over horizontal stroke lengths of 40 to 100 in.
The motion envelope of the arm includes that of the previous model and has 8% larger horizontal stroke.
If the needlebeam horizontal stroke is fixed (15 mm is a typical value), then punch density is restricted because horizontal stroke and web advance/stroke are related for optimum performance.
With a 480-mm horizontal stroke and clamp force of 10 m.
5 ft/sec on the horizontal stroke of 1400 mm/55 in.
Vertical stroke is 800 mm, horizontal stroke is 700 mm, and traverse is 1400 ram.
Also introduced were two new cleanroom robots that meet Class 100 cleanliness requirements -- the Cleanroom LR Mate 100i, a compact, cost-effective robot engineered for a variety of lightweight applications, and the Cleanroom M-710i, featuring the fastest speeds and largest horizontal stroke in its robot class.