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noun assault, attack, brutality, clash, disorder, eruption, explosion, ferocity, force, furiousness, fury, inclemency, manus, onslaught, rage, rampage, ruthlessness, savagery, severity, unlawful force, vehemence, violentia, wildness
Foreign phrases: Insanus est qui, abjecta ratione, omnia cum impetu et furore facit.A person is insane who, deerived of reason, does everything with violence and rage. Paci sunt maxime contraria vis et injuria. Violence and injury are especially hostile to peace. Est autem vis legem simulans. Violence may also be masquerading as the law.
See also: belligerency, brutality, commotion, cruelty, embroilment, havoc, infliction, infringement, injury, outburst, passion, severity, strife

VIOLENCE. The abuse of force. Theorie des Lois Criminelles, 32. That force which is employed against common right, against the laws, and against public liberty. Merl. h. t, 2. In cases of robbery, in order to convict the accused, it is requisite to prove that the act was done with violence; but this violence is not confined to an actual assault of the person, by beating, knocking down, or forcibly wresting from him on the contrary, whatever goes to intimidate or overawe, by the apprehension of personal violence, or by fear of life, with a view to compel the delivery of property equally falls within its limits. Alison, Pr. Cr. Law of Scotl. 228; 4 Binn. R. 379; 2 Russ. on Cr. 61; 1 Hale P. C. 553. When an article is merely snatched, as by a sudden pull, even though a momentary force be exerted, it is not such violence as to constitute a robbery. 2 East, P. C. 702; 2 Russ. Cr. 68; Dig. 4, 2, 2 and 3.

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In the present climate of today's economy, it seems this concept of horizontal violence should be more widely explored in the hospital.
The most interesting finding of this research is the factor of horizontal violence which had never before been raised.
Horizontal violence has previously been identified within perioperative care (Hamlin 2000), and may be attributed to or associated with patriarchal dominance and consequent feelings of oppression (Freire 1970).
nurses AND violence, nurses AND abuse, nurses AND assault, nurses AND horizontal violence, nurses AND bully*, nurses AND harassment
Verbal abuse--a disruptive form of behavior involving verbal communication that is associated with horizontal violence and bullying.
The Oklahoma Nurses Association shall acknowledge the harmful impact of horizontal violence and engage nurses in all specialties and practice settings to reduce the harmful effects and prevent future occurrences.
The phenomenon where employees in similar roles become the instigators of aggression and violence towards each other was first investigated amongst nurses, and became known as horizontal violence (Taylor 2001, Bowie 2002).
Horizontal violence towards colleagues, doing just enough to get by, deliberately wasting resources or letting work through without correcting one's own or other's errors, are other ways.
1) Much of the horizontal violence observed over the last few years is related to problems of economic crisis and unemployment, combined with the weakening of central state institutions, including the police.
Based on a review of the literature, the paper suggests that females in education must be aware of horizontal violence and not let it deceive them or coerce them into practicing it and damaging each other and female students.
A safe environment for nurses and patients: Halting horizontal violence.
In a statewide survey of South Carolina nurses on the issue of horizontal violence, more than 85% of respondents reported being victims, with experienced nurses often listed as perpetrators (Dulaney & Zager, 2010).

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