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2) In its promotion of horizontality rather than verticality, this article joins hands with Kathryn Bond Stockton's postulation of children's "sideways growth" as articulated in The Queer Child.
New ways of doing politics, based on plurality, diversity, horizontality, on the idea that state power is important but only one of the multiple dimensions of the necessary social transformations that occur (not after capturing the Winter Palace but here and now), have been created worldwide over the last two decades.
And she wants to start a phase of horizontality," the success of which depends on factors such as whom she starts dialogue with first, how she constructs a political-social coalition," added Urcuyo.
Depending on the diachronically earlier but also later meaning of the phrase laheb nagu lepase reega, the focus of this article is not only the image schema of path but also the schema HORIZONTALITY (which for an individual is perhaps most clearly manifest in laying down (see Lemmens 2006 : 266ff)) and the clear boundaries of the activity (see Example 24).
Walter Kidney, for instance, describes Cass Gilbert's Woolworth Building and Hood and Howell's "polished, rather academic, Gothic" Chicago Tribune Building as "two of the most famous skyscrapers of the Eclectic period to apply Gothic ornament to very tall buildings for which the classic horizontality of other traditional solutions was especially problematic.
Multiparty democracy along with a vibrant civil society refers to the horizontality of political pluralism.
In the spirit of Jane Jacobs' embrace of Toronto's public culture as a site of vital collective synergies, ensemble participants lend their time, energy, and technical expertise to projects based on social relations where horizontality, friendship, and mischievousness are highly prized.
But he assumes that the resultant horizontality is something new and distinctly American.
In Japan they love the horizontality of designs and the classical style kitchens as well," informs Albrink.
Horizontality seems to be more important than verticality, so that the cellar and the attic are translated into their horizontal equivalents: the mysterious, unheimisch veld and the safely enclosed garden (in itself a potent symbol of the self) where the ear can be lulled by the sound of water.
Long, low classroom buildings are accessed by wood-balustraded ramps, and their horizontality plays off a vertical block of student dormitories and common rooms.