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Deities, especially one called Fortuna, were depicted with the horn of plenty.
These biting lines about how a beautiful woman's bountiful horn of plenty became a bellows full of angry wind--these revealing lines do not appear in Shortall's embellished love story.
The woodcut of the Triumph of Vertumnus, god of fruit trees, auspiciously seated beside the nymph Pomona, holding a horn of plenty, decorates the upper half of the cover.
And finally, the miraculous bathtub L'eau de tes yeux, le miel de ta bouche (The water from your eyes, the honey from your mouth), hung from the ceiling like a swing, drains its poetic liquid through a giant horn of plenty that reaches down to the floor in a blaze of (electric) light.
Beck, executive vice president of The Real Estate Board (REBNY), said will continue to monitor city budget practices closely and to remind elected officials that the beleaguered real property tax base is not a horn of plenty they can rely on as an inexhaustible supply of revenue.
This is hardly the horn of plenty, especially considering that the low prices of last year have caused major neglect in plant care and quality, and also that El Nino's apparent return increases the risks of frost and drought.
Horn of Plenty was launched to all of its five casinos in English, as well as to Casino GrandBay and Bella Vegas in French.
HORN OF PLENTY goal ace Waghorn celebrates his ninth of season and gaffer Warburton
HORN OF PLENTY Golden Horn will have to show all his strength and stamina to win
HORN OF PLENTY Golden Horn can outstay Gleneagles in the Juddmonte
Alun Davies was one of the two boys asked to accompany the Horn of Plenty at the Gorsedd ceremonies.
As part of the build-up to the CeltFest event on November 7 a ceremonial horn of plenty was given to New Zealander Esther Jessop, a member of the Ngati Ranana London Maori Club by T James Jones on behalf of the Gorsedd of the National Eisteddfod of Wales.