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38) In addition to their intrinsic horribleness, lynching represented the frightening threat of the deterioration of the rule of law and democratic governance: "The greatest danger in a republic is a mob," the Bowers brief would later argue in Tennessee, quoting a "learned statesman.
I can't believe I have gone through everything I have gone through if you would have talked to me a little more than a year ago I can't believe this happened to me if I would have been told the horribleness I was going to go through I wouldn't have believed it.
The horribleness of war can be balanced with the serenity of the ocean "Swimmers in the Sea" tells the tale of Thomas Dawes, on leave to the Hawaiian islands during the Vietnam War.
His third novel, Unplugging Philco, takes place in New York in the near future, more than a decade after Horribleness Day, when an unidentified object crashed into a grocery store in Mississippi, killing nearly a thousand people.
Amass outbreak of dry heaving erupted across the nation as blind, hygienically-suspect housemateMikey - whose newly-shaven head, bonk eyes and propensity for ending up withmost of his dinner smeared over his facemake him resemble a cartoon bacteria from the Domestos ads - rummaged around up inside his left nostril and pulled a huge glistening lump of horribleness.
And this story - about something unthinkable, something unimaginable in its horribleness - is an anniversary story about an event some would just as soon forget.
Let's not forget other e-mail gaffes, including the time--in a lapse of judgment--you sent out an angry message to a colleague, only to find that she forwarded it to others to take in your horribleness.
Astrid Smart, the adolescent daughter, is up at dawn thinking about the horribleness of the family's summer house and complaining.
But while sorting through all the horribleness, I also encountered so many good and decent Catholic priests.
Boys as well as girls reading Doing It will be reassured to discover how normal they are--that, however riddled with hormones, hard-ons, and horribleness, most teenage lads are just as mixed up, vulnerable, and sensitive as girls.