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MANURE, Dung. When collected in a heap, it is considered as personal property, but, when spread, it becomes a part of the land and acquires the character of real estate. Alleyn, 31; 2 Ired. R. 326.

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Florence Melly School is close to where the horse manure is.
I would like to express my concern for the vast amount of horse manure on the pavements in the city centre.
The tractor driver's trailer tipped over at the Chimney Lane roundabout at Lepton, spraying a path with horse manure.
She also remembers, as do many of us, following the rag-and-bone man down the street to collect the horse manure for the rhubarb garden.
Abi luv - just for the record - I'd rather eat horse manure than earn money the way you do.
There are lots of stables in your area, and the supply of horse manure should be abundant.
Once, horse manure on the streets of British town and cities was regarded as a highly-prized find by local residents, who used it as compost.
For my money the best bulky organic product is without a doubt well-rotted horse manure.
They never get called for their animals leaving huge dollops of horse manure on the beach.
Maybe some are, but the majority object to carpets of horse manure covering the roads outside their front doors where their children play on bikes and skateboards.
In another blow for garden centres, Titchmarsh advises viewers to avoid the "bewildering array of composts and soil conditioners" and plump for good old horse manure.
Council-owned allotments are advised to use horse manure, as horses were not involved in the foot-andmouth crisis.