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The English word "hospitality" derives from the Latin hospes (a host/hostess, a guest-friend), as do hospitality, hospitable, hospital, and hospice.
Matutinus adest ubi Vesper, et accipiens te Saepe recusatum voces intelligit hospes Rusticus ignotas notas, ac flumina tellus Occupat--In sancto tum, tum, stans Aede caveto Tonsuram Hirsuti Capitis, via namque pedestrem Ferrea praeveniens cursum, peregrine, laborem Pro pietate tua inceptum frustratur, amore Antiqui Ritus alto sub Numine Romae.
Hospice: a guesthouse for travellers, from French and Latin roots hospitium, hospes (a stranger treated as a guest).
Save 15% on a three-night stay in Seville's old town at the boutique Hospes Las Casas Del Rey De Baeza (a former Andalucian king's palace).
VISAS ETC: None needed for EU residents HOTELS POSH HOSPES AMERIGO Rafael Altamira 7 www.
Omnes supervenientes hospites tamquam Christus suscipiantur, quia ipse dicturus est: Hospes fui et suscepistis me; 2.
Only a 40-minute drive or bus ride away, Valencia offers a wide array of accommodations from smaller boutique hotels like Chill Art Hotel Jardin Botanico, and a five-star hotel such as Hospes Palau De La Mar.
Hospes Lancaster Hospes Lancaster - New look for heritage hotel with authentic Parisian glamour.
1) Clarification of this sequence is not important in the present circumstances, nor is his later career, apart from the fact that his honorific inscription, erected at his home city of Camerinum in Italy, records that he was hospes of the Emperor Hadrian.
19) that Jason "per urbes erret ignotas egens / exul pauens inuisus incerti laris, / iam notus hospes limen alienum expetat" (may wander through unknown cities, destitute, fearing, a hated exile of an uncertain house; already an infamous stranger, let him seek out an alien doorstep; ll.