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Lastly, think about ways to be hospitable beyond your own doors.
Thornaby were named the Northern League's most hospitable club by league chairman Mike Amos.
But she reminded protesters that Filipinos are known for being hospitable.
chief executive of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, said the regulatory regimes in many of the countries are not hospitable for the Islamic banks.
Why would my comments ruin the hospitable and friendly image of Bahrain?
But I do not buy the argument that India has ceased to be a hospitable, profitable destination for foreign investment.
You would expect workers in the hospitality industry to be, well, hospitable.
The investigation indicates that Thailand is preferred as a country with most hospitable people, while France, with 4% of all votes, seems least hospitable to foreigners.
Mrs Chandler urged her family not to worry, saying she and husband Paul were "safe" and described their captors as "very hospitable people".
TRIPLE-Olympic gold medallist Ben Ainslie has backed plans for Great Britain to maximise home advantage at 2012 - providing London is still hospitable to other competing countries.
We had to get my cocker spaniel Sam put to sleep because of a serious infection on his leg but I would just like to say the staff were very nice, hospitable and very sympathetic.
5 : an act of kindness or politeness <His hospitable attentions were brief .

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