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PORTER. The name of an ancient English officer who bore or carried a rod before the justices. The door-keeper of the English parliament also bears this name.
     2. One who is employed as a common carrier to carry goods from one place to another in the same town, is also called a porter. Such person is in general answerable as a common carrier. Story, Bailm. Sec. 496.

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TOP CONSULTANTS PS40m BONUSES A Glasgow hospital porter, who did not wish to be named, said: "It's disgusting, particularly in light of the length of time people have to wait to be seen in A&E.
Several trade unions were involved in the action, including those representing nurses, paramedics, hospital porters and ambulance crews.
The final tally included: GP (1); medical photographer (1); occupational therapist (1); psychologist (1); orthotics specialist (1); patient transport (2); matrons (2); paramedics (3); plastercast fitters (3); ambulance drivers (3); consultants (4); doctors (5); sisters (5); physiotherapists (7); hospital porters (15); radiographers (15); nurses (17); healthcare assist-t ants (20).
TWO hospital porters have been sacked after they were caught smoking dope on duty.
HOSPITAL porters John Blower and John Spencer got into the swing of International Wear Red Day.
HEALTH Secretary Frank Dobson wants hospital porters and cooks to tell him how to run the health service.
MORE than 100 hospital porters are striking to protest over pay and conditions - and bullying bosses.
Also my thanks to the hospital porters - without their help I could not have made the long walk up in the morning and down at night.
He is endangering our health by planning to slash the wages of nurses, midwives, hospital porters, cleaners and paramedics.
Workers ranging from school dinner ladies, refuse collectors and hospital porters to head teachers, diplomats and scientists are now set to stage a 24-hour walkout on November 30.
He will tell hundreds of health workers, including nurses, paramedics, therapists, hospital porters, cleaners and midwives, that public service workers would stand "shoulder to shoulder" to protect jobs and services.
As a Catholic, am I not supposed to care or be affected by the fact that hospital porters and cleaners have seen more of my bare bum recently (I had to go in for some tests) than my husband?

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