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Two host specificity experiments were conducted in a greenhouse at James Cook University, Cairns, North Queensland, Australia, in late 2013.
Interestingly, North American Unionicola mussels-mites are known to exhibit highly variable patterns of host specificity, with some species occurring in association with a long list of host species and others utilizing one or at most a few species of hosts (Edwards & Vidrine 2006).
KEY WORDS: zebra mussel, Conchophthirus acuminatus, commensal, host specificity, dispersal mechanisms
Knowledge of this host specificity allows specialists in agriculture, medicine and food safety research to apply specific phages to help identify, track, and treat or prevent bacterial infections.
Host specificity and distribution of the swim-bladder nematodes, Cystidicola farionis Fischer, 1798 and C.
This tapeworm appears to show little host specificity and a wide geographic range as it has now been reported to infect six members of the family Plethodontidae and two members of the family Salamandridae (Table 1) in various states, primarily in the upper Midwest and eastern United States.
These nod genes encode enzymes that synthesize nod factors, lipo-chitin oligosaccharides (LCO's), which are involved in signaling the plant and determining host specificity.
The state of knowledge regarding the host specificity of tropical insects is still rudimentary at best.
HBV has a very narrow host specificity, and infects only a few non-human primates in addition to humans.
The scale of this approach will permit to reconstitute the sequence-structure-activity relationships required to relate viral genomes to host specificity and propagation efficiency.
Host specificity experiments of this parasitoid on native cactus-feeding moths from the southeastern and southwestern U.
Distribution, diversity, and host specificity of Bartonella in rodents from the southeastern United States.