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Her writings were not treated hostilely in Israel until the publication of Eichmann in Jerusalem.
In basic outline, the conflict first appeared to be a turf war, with the existing Muslim community hostilely defending itself against the encroachments of various foreign influences.
Wolfe's stories have suffered from the stigma placed on them by New Critics John Donald Wade, Bernard DeVoto, and John Peale Bishop, who hostilely maligned Wolfe's work for alleged aesthetic inadequacies and editorial interference.
According to Hill, Hune approached her aggressively when she began to work, causing her to raise up her safety glasses, to which Hune responded by hostilely reprimanding her for violating a safety precaution.
These include the sovereignty of the one God, as opposed to the belligerent and capricious deities of other religions; the goodness but also finiteness of creation, in place of viewing elements of the cosmos such as the sun, moon, and stars as divine and hostilely disposed toward human beings; and the dignity of humanity as central to God's plan for creation, not an afterthought fashioned to relieve the gods of work.
He recasts the scene slightly by having Simon Legree, not Sambo, hostilely confront Gassy.
In Floating, Sid and Darnell are hostilely interrupted by local goons in a drought-stricken Rajasthan town -- and they later learn that the young men in the town have mostly turned gay in order to support their families.
In the Middle Ages, the author of the nuns' book of Unterlinden, diaries the cloister as they return to their convent after some auspicious church service, and begin to "hack at themselves cruelly, hostilely lacerating their bodies until the blood flows, with all kinds of whips, so that the sound reverberates all over the monastery and rises to the ears of the Lord of hosts sweeter than all melody.
The founding mothers of the women's movement did not regard their bodies so hostilely They unanimously opposed abortion, referring to it as "infanticide.
The piece culminated in the repetition of "I hope you can sleep well at night" addressed to the audience in tones building from hostilely ironic to tearfully anguished.
The reason I talked so much about the unions is that I fear that at gatherings I've been to, the unions are dealt with, if not hostilely, then certainly not with any enthusiasm.
Lawmakers will be scrutinized for their ability to use bureaucrats to serve their purposes, rather than to act hostilely against bureaucrats.