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HOSTILITY. A state of open enmity; open war. Wolff, Dr. de la Rat. Sec. 1191. Hostility, as it regards individuals, may be permanent or temporary; it is permanent when the individual is a citizen or subject of the government at war, and temporary when he happens to be domiciliated or resident in the country of one of the belligerents; in this latter case the individual may throw off the national character he has thus acquired by residence, when he puts himself in motion, bona fide, to quit the country sine animo revertendi. 3 Rob. Adm. Rep. 12; 3 Wheat. R. 14.
     2. There may be a hostile character merely as to commercial purposes, and hostility may attach only to the person as a temporary enemy, or it may attach only to the property of a particular description. This hostile character in a commercial view, or one limited to certain intents and purposes only, will attach in, consequence of having possessions in the territory of the enemy, or by maintaining a commercial establishment there, or by a personal residence, or, by particular modes of traffic, as by sailing under the enemy's flag of passport. 9 Cranch, 191 5 Rob. Adm. Rep. 21, 161; 1 Kent Com. 73; Wesk. on Ins. h.t.; Chit. Law of Nat. Index, h.t.

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One school of thought suggests that listening may reduce a partner's anger and thereby decrease the likelihood of a partner's hostility, making the listener feel less stressed.
These are things that bosses don't like and that fit the definition of hostility, but in a passive-aggressive form.
Both India and Pakistan need to understand that people of J& K are worst sufferers of the conflict between them and any attempt made by the two to end hostility will be warmly welcomed," he said.
The Washington-based center, which is non-partisan and takes no policy position in its reports, gave no reason for the rises noted in hostility against Christians, Muslims, Jews and an other" category including Sikhs, Bahais and atheists.
He said, 'The persistence of hostility to banks and bankers, much more marked in Europe than elsewhere, is in my view seriously unhealthy.
In the next three chapters, the author discusses oppression theory to explain horizontal hostility, conducts a root cause analysis of horizontal hostility, and then situates the concept within the specific contexts of the organizations, professional relations, and world in which nurses work and live.
ADHD was the most significant predictor of this addiction among girls, and hostility was the most significant predictor among boys.
By imposing self-regulation we hope to end this hostility from the Government, environmentalists and other activists.
The origins of recent Tyne Wear hostility lies in post-1960s football rivalry.
The findings suggest a role for central serotonergic function in the association of hostility with cardiovascular risk factors, said Thomas W.
Hostility was measured using the 27-item Cook Medley hostility questionnaire.
I have seen forms of hostility ranging from "let us show you how to run the business" to "whatever you did was wrong and we're here to put it right".