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Pirates were hostis humani generis, and states were authorized by international law, but not obligated, to punish them wherever they were found.
I went to an Hostis where I us'd to resort, And I made her believe that money was short; I askltl her to trust me.
Put differently, by exercising universal jurisdiction, a state conducts an actio popularis-an action in the name of the people-against an individual for committing an act (for example, piracy, slavery, war crimes, genocide, and torture) that renders him an hostis humani generis-an enemy of the human race.
states," (155) became hostis humani generis--enemies of all
165) The perpetrators of such crimes are considered hostis humani generis--the enemy of all mankind.
She is currently completing her dissertation entitled Hostis Humani Generis and the Narrative Construction of Legitimate Violence.
Drawing on the fact that the French word for "host" is identical to the word for "guest" (hote) and that the Latin root hostis provides French (and English) with the antithetical concepts "hospitality" and "hostility," Derrida noted that hospitality can be hospitality only when it is not hospitality, when its hospitality-ness is truly impossible.
Desde a decada de 1980, quando sao inaugurados na cidade lojas de discos, bares e espacos culturais dedicados ao rock e seus subgeneros, subculturas tidas como mutuamente hostis, tais como o punk e o metal, por exemplo, convivem em relativa harmonia na cena recifense.
hostis *<< hote, etranger >>) et *[chi]osti-poti-<<patron de l'hospitalite >> (lat.
categorization by Vattel of pirates as hostis humani generis (the
Hostis not inimicus: Toward a theory of the public in the work of Carl Schmitt", in: The Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence, January 1997, vol X, no 1, 35-47.
Though the cost of such services could be significant, there is the promise of savings in insurance premiums," Phillips wrote in the maritime security blog Communis Hostis Omnium.