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The Tin Woodman had chopped a big pile of wood, and now he made a fire of it, and Oz held the bottom of the balloon over the fire so that the hot air that arose from it would be caught in the silken bag.
Then Ripple sank down on the burning floor, and felt that her life was nearly done; for she well knew the hot air of the fire-palace would be death to her.
These did occasionally wink a little, as the hot air barely moved their faint leaves.
All across the meadow lands the hot air danced and quivered, and in the limpid waters of the lowland brook, spanned by a little stone bridge, the fish hung motionless above the yellow gravel, and the dragonfly sat quite still, perched upon the sharp tip of a spike of the rushes, with its wings glistening in the sun.
We had hardly time to take our place behind a pile of luggage when it passed with a rattle and a roar, beating a blast of hot air into our faces.
Luxor hot air balloons in early morning -- Five Photos.
Instead, people in Yucaipa, California, were afraid that two hot air balloons would collide with their homes or other buildings as they flew dangerously close to the ground, (http://losangeles.
Though a new Texas law allows hunters to shoot feral hogs and coyotes from hot air balloons, it's not easy to find a balloonist offering the activity.
The ashes of John Emery, one of the founders of the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (PIHABF), were scattered on Saturday from a balloon to honor his wish to leave 'a part of (him)self behind.
Running August 5 to 7, organisers are hoping to showcase an array of hot air balloons.
Running August 5 to 7, organisers are hoping to showcase an array of hot air balloons throughout the weekend with a variety of special shaped objects.
For example, drying a nylon resin with hot air in the summer can cause the material's moisture to increase rather than decrease.