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We were deeply integrate our Oracle backup software, and add some extended hot backup functions for Hyper-V virtual machines and arrays.
Hot backup of virtual machines: applications no longer have to be stopped in order to start the backup.
The widely used MySQL hot backup plug-in allows Arkeia users to develop a flexible backup strategy that protects information without interruption.
On Monday night for instance, we would take a hot backup, and the hot backup would be everything that was processed, everything that had happened to our databases during the day on that Monday, and we would do the same on Tuesday.
Redundancy is the most effective backup, but it tends to be slightly more expensive than hot backup since the company must pay to operate multiple computers at all times.
5 with new read-free replication, multi-directories hot backup, and increased use of bulk fetch capabilities that improve the speed and scalability of MySQL and MariaDB and make them even more attractive big data stores.
BackupEDGE provides hot backup and restore of MySQL databases.
Owing to Hot Backup technology Handy Backup lets users back up their CRM, ERP and other vital database-driven software without interrupting a working process.
an international provider of enterprise backup solutions, has unveiled a plug-in for hot backup of Microsoft SQL Server data.
A hot backup is when the application remains online and user access is retained while the backup is performed.
VDR for SMB is a bundled offering provided by Vizioncore's channel partners that includes VMware Infrastructure 3 Starter Edition and Vizioncore esxEssentials, which includes modules for hot backup and recovery; replication; and virtual machine tuning and performance.
Hot backup technology takes frequent snapshots of live databases without slowing down response time for users.