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Two hot spots of Aphid and one hot spot of Thrips were reported from Layyah.
True hot spots differ from bald spots called acute moist furunculosis and furunculosis, which are thicker than the surrounding skin, Dr.
The nucleotide sequence data reported in this study will appear in the DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank nucleotide sequence databases with the accession numbers AB 185252 for the hot spot sO43-traL and AB 186353 for the hot spot traA-s054.
Honeycombing" often will provide increased strength and stiffness without creating hot spots (Fig.
Crime displacement - the movement from the crime hot spot to alternate crime sites - an occur in certain areas, by time, method of attack, victim of attack, and change of criminal offense.
The multiplicity gives the number (either one, or n) and structuring (for n alternatives: either chain-structured or tree-structured) of the alternatives that may be bound to a hot spot.
It is designed for service providers, OEMs, ODMs, and chipset manufacturers that develop Wi-Fi equipped devices and want to enable global roaming on commercial hot spot networks.
In Vehari, eight hot spots of white fly, eight hot spots of Jassid, and one hot spot of armyworm were reported.
He said that Hot Spot just creates confusion, adding that sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn't, making no one really trust it.
As these geologists saw it, that hot spot, now under Kilauea, is generated by an upwelling zone of hot rock, called a mantle plume, that intermittently pierces Earth's crust blow-torch style.
11b standard and is designed to deliver high-speed Internet access at public hot spots, virtually anywhere within the coverage footprint of its continent-wide DIRECWAY broadband satellite service.
Scientists are taking a closer look at the hot spot (one of about 40 in the world) to learn how Earth's heated interior molds the planet's surface.