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CG will return as chairman once CW publicly shamed again and this time he's going to get hot tar all over his b***s after he's been destroyed in court.
On one occasion, he had "two or three mobs" at his doorstep ready with hot tar and brushes to give him a feather coat.
A HEAVILY pregnant cat is lucky to be alive after it was cruelly dumped in a vat of hot tar.
The Texas heat is the burning smell of hot tar on a roof.
Between now and August, hot tar and chippings will be laid down to upgrade 390,000 sq metres of carriageway.
Our neighbour has poured hot tar over his roof and says it is fine, but we still have water coming in.
The sharp mingled scent of petrol, diesel, Senior Service cigarette smoke, hot tar and sea salt spray were ever-present in the summer air over Liverpool's Mann Island that sun-baked morning in the early 1970s.
Equally powerful are pictures of the youngest carnival participants and their simple kindergarten creations, such as the little masked zombie boy in Jacmel, Haiti, his torso wrapped in ropes and glinting with black paint like he's been brushed in hot tar.
He said: "Contractors had been using hot tar and finished for the night, but apparently a remaining hotspot caused some materials to ignite above office space.